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Family of Pawel Piotr LARYSZ and Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW

Husband: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ (1912-1972)
Wife: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW (1915-2004)
Children: Barbara Laviah LARYSZ (1953-2013)
Christine Mary LARYSZ (1949- )
John Roy LARYSZ (1952- )
Marriage 23 Dec 1948 Mansfield, England

Husband: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ

      Pawel Piotr LARYSZ, Pawel Larysz 001    
Name: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Father: Jan Pawel LARYSZ (1883-1940)
Mother: Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA (1884-1964)
Birth 25 Jun 1912 Zaleze, Poland
Immigration to Naturalized British, about 1951
Occupation Draftsman, Coal Miner
Death (1) 28 Jul 1972 (age 60) Thoresby Colliery, England
Death (2) Silicosis from coal dust
Burial Mansfield Woodhouse

Wife: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW

      Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW, Elizabeth Larysz 003    
Name: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Father: Michal KIRYLOW (1888-1947)
Mother: Rosalia ZAWADA (1873-1950)
Birth 31 Mar 1915 Nowy Sacz, Poland
Occupation Factory hand
Death 23 Jul 2004 (age 89) Brig, England

Child 1: Barbara Laviah LARYSZ

      Barbara Laviah LARYSZ, Barbara Larysz 03    
Name: Barbara Laviah LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Feb 1953 Mansfield, England
Death 14 Feb 2013 (age 59) Retrford, England

Child 2: Christine Mary LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Christine Mary LARYSZ, Christine Larysz (Married Jacques) 01     Spouse: Stuart Clifford JACQUES, Stuart Jacques 03    
Name: Christine Mary LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stuart Clifford JACQUES (1946-2012)
Birth 24 Sep 1949 Mansfield, England

Child 3: John Roy LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      John Roy LARYSZ, John Larysz 02     Spouse: Susan Margaret DARBY, Susan Larysz 001    
Name: John Roy LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan Margaret DARBY (1953- )
Birth 6 Jan 1952 Mansfield, England
Title Dr.

Note on Husband: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ

Miner and architect in Poland. Fought throughout WWII in General Anders army. Palestine, North Africa and Italy. Fought at Tobruk, El Alemein and Monte Casino. Chose England after the war and met his wife at a resettlement camp in Newport, Wales. Found work as a coal miner in Nottinghamshire. Fixed up a damaged house in Mansfield, and eventually moved to Mansfield Woodhouse. Died of a heart attack at the end of a night shift in Thoresby Colliery; he had horrible Black Lung (silicosis) from breathing coal dust.