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Halina SKOWRON's other family: with Andrzej MAZUREK (1954-1993)

Family of James NOLLET and Halina Adela SKOWRON

Husband: James NOLLET (1949- )
Wife: Halina Adela SKOWRON (1955- )
Marriage 12 Oct 1976

Husband: James NOLLET

      James NOLLET, James Nollet 02    
Name: James NOLLET
Sex: Male
Father: Anthony Richard NOLLET ( - )
Mother: Lois Sophie MCMAHON ( - )
Birth 28 Dec 1949 Maryland USA

Wife: Halina Adela SKOWRON

      Halina Adela SKOWRON, 2013, age 58, Halina Skowron 02    
Name: Halina Adela SKOWRON
Sex: Female
Father: Franciszek SKOWRON (1924-2007)
Mother: Lucja Leokadia LARYSZ (1927-2012)
Birth 2 Feb 1955 Chrzanów, poland

Note on Husband: James NOLLET

James and Halina moved to Poland. James teaches English and is a rabbinical scholar though catholic himself. Halina couldn't find good work in Poland so she provides in-home care to elderly people in the USA.