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Family of Stuart Clifford JACQUES and Christine Mary LARYSZ

Husband: Stuart Clifford JACQUES (1946-2012)
Wife: Christine Mary LARYSZ (1949- )
Children: Christopher Peter JACQUES (1975- )
Marriage 9 Sep 1970 Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire

Husband: Stuart Clifford JACQUES

      Stuart Clifford JACQUES, Stuart Jacques 03    
Name: Stuart Clifford JACQUES
Sex: Male
Father: Clifford JACQUES (1910-1982)
Mother: Florence Rhoda WOOD (1911-1998)
Birth 26 Aug 1946 Chesterfield, Nottinghamshire
Title Mr.
Death 5 May 2012 (age 65)

Wife: Christine Mary LARYSZ

      Christine Mary LARYSZ, Christine Larysz (Married Jacques) 01    
Name: Christine Mary LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Father: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ (1912-1972)
Mother: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW (1915-2004)
Birth 24 Sep 1949 Mansfield, England

Child 1: Christopher Peter JACQUES

      Christopher Peter JACQUES, Christopher Jacques 02    
Name: Christopher Peter JACQUES
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Jan 1975 Mansfield, England

Note on Husband: Stuart Clifford JACQUES

Stuart died at 1:00am on May 26th 2012, after a long and bed-ridden illness. Stuart contracted Multiple Sclerosis early in his 40's and suffered many illnesses and organ failures as he weakened. He was in hospital with total kidney failure at the time he died, and an attempt to restart his kidneys appeared to have succeded.