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Michal KIRYLOW's parents: Szymon KIRYLOW ( - ) and Magdalena TONDEL ( - )
Rosalia ZAWADA's parents: Walenty ZAWADA ( - ) and Maria STABACH ( - )
Rosalia ZAWADA's brother: Pawel ZAWADA ( - )

Family of Michal KIRYLOW and Rosalia ZAWADA

Husband: Michal KIRYLOW (1888-1947)
Wife: Rosalia ZAWADA (1873-1950)
Children: Wanda KIRYLOW (1907-1997)
Antoni KIRYLOW (1909-2001)
Karol KIRYLOW (1920- )
Marianna KIRYLOW (1910-1991)
Janina KIRYLOW (1912-1965)
Eugenia KIRYLOW (1917-2005)
Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW (1915-2004)
Marriage bef 1914 Poland

Husband: Michal KIRYLOW

      Michal KIRYLOW, Mikhail Kirylow 001    
Name: Michal KIRYLOW
Sex: Male
Father: Szymon KIRYLOW ( - )
Mother: Magdalena TONDEL ( - )
Birth 24 Oct 1888 Kolomia (City), Kuty (Village) Ukraine
National or Tribal Origin Ukranian
Occupation Market trader in religous artifacts
Death 30 Sep 1947 (age 58) Poland

Wife: Rosalia ZAWADA

      Rosalia ZAWADA, Rosalia Zawada 001    
Name: Rosalia ZAWADA
Sex: Female
Father: Walenty ZAWADA ( - )
Mother: Maria STABACH ( - )
Birth 1873 Maloslowi , Gorlice, near Nowy Sacz, Poland
Education Spoke German, elegant Polish
Death 3 Dec 1950 (age 76-77) Poland

Child 1: Wanda KIRYLOW

      Wanda KIRYLOW, Wanda Kirylow 001    
Name: Wanda KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Apr 1907 Poland
Death 30 May 1997 (age 90) Poland

Child 2: Antoni KIRYLOW

Name: Antoni KIRYLOW
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emilia UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 20 May 1909
Death 25 Nov 2001 (age 92) Krakow

Child 3: Karol KIRYLOW

Name: Karol KIRYLOW
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 20 Oct 1920
Occupation Horse dresser (sadlles, coats, etc)

Child 4: Marianna KIRYLOW

Name: Marianna KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jozef STOCHKA (1905-1972)
Birth 16 Aug 1910 Nowy Sacz, Poland
Death 25 Feb 1991 (age 80) Poland

Child 5: Janina KIRYLOW

      picture     picture    
      Janina KIRYLOW, Janina Kirylow 002     Spouse: Stanislaw WINKOWSKI, Stanislaw Winkowski 001    
Name: Janina KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stanislaw WINKOWSKI (1912-2000)
Birth 24 Dec 1912 Poland
Death 19 May 1965 (age 52) Poland

Child 6: Eugenia KIRYLOW

Name: Eugenia KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Wladyslaw RYBCZYNSKI (1901-1975)
Birth 9 Apr 1917 Poland
Death 22 Aug 2005 (age 88)

Child 7: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW

      picture     picture    
      Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW, Elizabeth Larysz 003     Spouse: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ, Pawel Larysz 001    
Name: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ (1912-1972)
Birth 31 Mar 1915 Nowy Sacz, Poland
Occupation Factory hand
Death 23 Jul 2004 (age 89) Brig, England

Note on Husband: Michal KIRYLOW (1) - shared note

It is thought that Mikhail was an only child, and was raised by an Aunt and an


Note on Husband: Michal KIRYLOW (2)



Mr. ROZALIA URODZONA W MA?OS?OWIU (i can't fount this now in powiat Gorlice) POWIAT GORLICE



i try do it in english now


Lovely Elizabeth we send our picture for memory. Fother Michael born in Kuty, part Kosów and Mr. Rosalia born in Ma?os?owiu, part Gorlice

Regards Kirylov


John, here is web of Gorlice powiat:

http://www.powiatgorlicki.pl/ but i don't see this country. Maybe 4 years ago i was in Ukraina and also in Kuty. I tryed find somethink about Kirylov family, but the old church burn in fire, on cementery many people stoll plates with names ( i can't imagine people who take something from cementery...) One old polish lady told me about Kirylo (not Kirylov), i have talk with this people but they are romanian.