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Family of Wladyslaw RYBCZYNSKI and Eugenia KIRYLOW

Husband: Wladyslaw RYBCZYNSKI (1901-1975)
Wife: Eugenia KIRYLOW (1917-2005)
Children: Czeslawa RYBCZYNSKI (1950- )
Zdzislawa RYBCZYNSKI (1948-1982)

Husband: Wladyslaw RYBCZYNSKI

Name: Wladyslaw RYBCZYNSKI
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Dec 1901 Poland
Death Aug 1975 (age 73) Poland

Wife: Eugenia KIRYLOW

Name: Eugenia KIRYLOW
Sex: Female
Father: Michal KIRYLOW (1888-1947)
Mother: Rosalia ZAWADA (1873-1950)
Birth 9 Apr 1917 Poland
Death 22 Aug 2005 (age 88)

Child 1: Czeslawa RYBCZYNSKI

      picture     picture    
      Czeslawa RYBCZYNSKI, Czesia Rybczynski 001     Spouse: Jerzy MOL, Jerzy_01    
Name: Czeslawa RYBCZYNSKI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jerzy MOL (1938- )
Birth 16 May 1950 Glogow, Poland
Education Secondary, as a watch mechanic

Child 2: Zdzislawa RYBCZYNSKI

      Zdzislawa RYBCZYNSKI, Zdzisia Rybczynski 002    
Name: Zdzislawa RYBCZYNSKI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stanislaw KOT (1947- )
Birth 8 Nov 1948 Poland
Death 2 Apr 1982 (age 33)

Note on Husband: Wladyslaw RYBCZYNSKI

A drunk, wife beater and child beater.

Note on Wife: Eugenia KIRYLOW - shared note

Eugenia met Wladislaw during the war (WWII) while working in Nazi Germany. His passion for vodka didn't show up until they returned to Poland because he just couldn't get any there - I suspect that they were "contract labourers" which was forced labour with a very small allowance. I don't know if they married in Germany or Poland. Once he found vodka again he picked up right where he left off and decscended into alcoholism - and he was very violent when drunk. Eventually, it killed him.