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Jadwiga PECYNA's parents: Jerzy PECYNA ( - ) and Anna CEPOK ( - )
Jadwiga PECYNA's sibling: Franciszka PECYNA ( - )

Family of Jan Pawel LARYSZ and Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA

Husband: Jan Pawel LARYSZ (1883-1940)
Wife: Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA (1884-1964)
Children: Julianna Paulina LARYSZ (1908-1972)
Jan Bernard LARYSZ ( - )
Stefan Tomasz LARYSZ ( - )
Pawel Piotr LARYSZ (1912-1972)
Wiktoria LARYSZ (1913-1999)
Jadwiga Brygida LARYSZ (1915-1986)
Ludwik August LARYSZ (1917-1979)
Maria Marta LARYSZ (1920-1988)
Marta LARYSZ (1922-1989)
Juzef Gabriel LARYSZ (1926-1990)
Lucja Leokadia LARYSZ (1927-2012)
Marriage 12 Oct 1907 Janowa

Husband: Jan Pawel LARYSZ

      Jan Pawel LARYSZ, Jan Lawel Larysz 02    
Name: Jan Pawel LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Father: Jakub LARYSZ ( - )
Mother: Marianna KALAMATA ( - )
Birth 17 May 1883 ( Stara Wies) pow. Pszczyna
Death 4 Sep 1940 (age 57)

Wife: Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA

      Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA, Jadwiga Pecyna 03    
Name: Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA
Sex: Female
Father: Jerzy PECYNA ( - )
Mother: Anna CEPOK ( - )
Birth 18 Oct 1884 Kobielice pow. Pszczyna
Death 11 May 1964 (age 79) Boleslawiec

Child 1: Julianna Paulina LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Julianna Paulina LARYSZ, Julia Larysz 05     Spouse: Pawel ZIBERMAN, Pawel Ziberman Jasinski 01    
Name: Julianna Paulina LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Pawel ZIBERMAN ( - )
Birth 4 Jun 1908 Zaleze, Poland
Death 2 Oct 1972 (age 64) Boleslawiec, Poland

Child 2: Jan Bernard LARYSZ

Name: Jan Bernard LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Birth Zaleze
Death Zaleze

Child 3: Stefan Tomasz LARYSZ

Name: Stefan Tomasz LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Birth Zaleze
Death Zaleze

Child 4: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Pawel Piotr LARYSZ, Pawel Larysz 001     Spouse: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW, Elizabeth Larysz 003    
Name: Pawel Piotr LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elzbieta Sophia KIRYLOW (1915-2004)
Birth 25 Jun 1912 Zaleze, Poland
Immigration to Naturalized British, about 1951
Occupation Draftsman, Coal Miner
Death (1) 28 Jul 1972 (age 60) Thoresby Colliery, England
Death (2) Silicosis from coal dust
Burial Mansfield Woodhouse

Child 5: Wiktoria LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Wiktoria LARYSZ, Wiktoria Larysz 03     Spouse: Josef WYKPIS, Josef Wykpis 02    
Name: Wiktoria LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Josef WYKPIS (1896-1968)
Birth 24 Dec 1913 Janów
Death 16 Sep 1999 (age 85) Katowice

Child 6: Jadwiga Brygida LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Jadwiga Brygida LARYSZ, Jadwiga Brygida Larysz 01     Spouse: Ranhald Pawel GEPERT, Ranhald Pawel Gepert 02    
Name: Jadwiga Brygida LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ranhald Pawel GEPERT (1910-1973)
Birth 2 Oct 1915 Janów
Death 23 Apr 1986 (age 70) Katowice

Child 7: Ludwik August LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Ludwik August LARYSZ, Ludwik August Larysz 03     Spouse: Adelajda LABUS, Adelajda Labus 02    
Name: Ludwik August LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Spouse: Adelajda LABUS (1925-1978)
Birth 11 Sep 1917 Janów
Death 25 Jan 1979 (age 61) Katowice

Child 8: Maria Marta LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Maria Marta LARYSZ, Maria Marta Larysz 02     Spouse: Franciszek Jozef CHOROBA, Franciszek Jozef Choroba 02    
Name: Maria Marta LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Franciszek Jozef CHOROBA (1917-1987)
Birth 30 Jan 1920 Janów
Death 31 Mar 1988 (age 68) Katowice

Child 9: Marta LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Marta LARYSZ, Marta Larysz 09     Spouse: Franciszek WROBEL, xx Drabik 01    
Name: Marta LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Franciszek WROBEL (1912-1980)
Birth 24 Jan 1922 Janów
Death 24 Jun 1989 (age 67) Katowice

Child 10: Juzef Gabriel LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Juzef Gabriel LARYSZ, Juzef Gabriel Larysz 02     Spouse: Magdalena Marta CHOROBA, Magdalena Marta Choroba 02    
Name: Juzef Gabriel LARYSZ
Sex: Male
Spouse: Magdalena Marta CHOROBA (1926-2001)
Birth 17 Mar 1926 Janów
Death 24 Dec 1990 (age 64) Boleslawiec

Child 11: Lucja Leokadia LARYSZ

      picture     picture    
      Lucja Leokadia LARYSZ, LucijaS     Spouse: Franciszek SKOWRON, Franciszek Skowron 003    
Name: Lucja Leokadia LARYSZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Franciszek SKOWRON (1924-2007)
Birth 13 Dec 1927 Janów
Death 10 Dec 2012 (age 84) Boleslawiec

Note on Husband: Jan Pawel LARYSZ (1) - shared note

Piotr died in the early years of WWII, sometime between 1939 and the end of the

North Africa campaign (1942). His son, Pawel, claims to have seen his ghost

during this campaign. Piotr guided Pawel away from a foxhole during an

artillery barrage; this foxhole took a direct hit shortly afterwards. Pawel did

not learn of his father's death until after the war, and did not realize until

then that his father was already dead at the time of this incident.


It is thought that Piotr had either 11 or 13 children, two of whom died very


Note on Husband: Jan Pawel LARYSZ (2)

Jan Larysz had skin and bone cancer of the head. He had large bald patches which his daughter combed over with hair. One day in 1940 he was loading people onto a train when a german soldier hit him in the head with a rifle butt. The hospital declared the injury incurable and he died a few months later.

Note on Wife: Jadwiga Agnieska PECYNA - shared note

This wife is tentative.