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Anna KOT's other family: with Rafal OLEJNIK (1973- )

Family of Tomasz KOWZAN and Anna KOT

Husband: Tomasz KOWZAN (1972- )
Wife: Anna KOT (1973- )

Husband: Tomasz KOWZAN

Name: Tomasz KOWZAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1972

Wife: Anna KOT

Name: Anna KOT
Sex: Female
Father: Stanislaw KOT (1947- )
Mother: Zdzislawa RYBCZYNSKI (1948-1982)
Birth 10 Nov 1973 Poland

Note on Wife: Anna KOT

Lives in Glogowie, took a doctorate at Politechnike we Wroclaw. Works at KGMH