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Emile CEPOK's father: UNKNOWN CEPOK ( - )

Family of Emile CEPOK and Jessie MCLAUCHLAN

Husband: Emile CEPOK (1919-1996)
Wife: Jessie MCLAUCHLAN (1919-2012)
Children: Daniel CEPOK ( - )
Elma CEPOK ( - )

Husband: Emile CEPOK

Name: Emile CEPOK
Sex: Male
Father: UNKNOWN CEPOK ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 23 May 1919 Wroclaw, Poland
Death 1 Jul 1996 (age 77) Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Occupation Coal Miner, transport cafe owner


Sex: Female
Father: James T. MCLAUCHLAN ( - )
Mother: Jessie Christie MCLAUCHLAN ( - )
Birth 21 Aug 1919
Death 1 Nov 2012 (age 93) Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Child 1: Daniel CEPOK

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      Daniel CEPOK, 2015, DanielCepok-002     Spouse: Helen SCOTT, 2012, HelenScott-004    
Name: Daniel CEPOK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen SCOTT ( - )
Occupation Corrections Officer

Child 2: Elma CEPOK

Name: Elma CEPOK
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Emile CEPOK (1)

Naturalised British 25 September 1956

Note on Husband: Emile CEPOK (2)

Emil was a very heavy drinker. He drank a bottle of whiskey one day, and bottle of vermouth the next, and then back to the whiskey. His order in a pub was a pint of heavy with a double whiskey chaser, followed by a half pint of light with a single whickey chaser. Then he'd do it again.

Note on Husband: Emile CEPOK (3)

Emil's wife Jessie was a powerful talker, and often harsh on Emil.