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Elizabeth FROWEN's parents: Frank FROWEN (1899-1974) and Annie JONES (1900-1977)
Elizabeth FROWEN's sister: Beryl Nancy FROWEN (1925-1970)

Family of Harold KNAPP and Elizabeth FROWEN

Husband: Harold KNAPP ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth FROWEN ( - )
Children: Christopher Harold KNAPP ( - )

Husband: Harold KNAPP

Name: Harold KNAPP
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth FROWEN

Name: Elizabeth FROWEN
Sex: Female
Father: Frank FROWEN (1899-1974)
Mother: Annie JONES (1900-1977)
Address (Facts Pg) 1974 4 Chester Road, Whitehall, Bristol

Child 1: Christopher Harold KNAPP

Name: Christopher Harold KNAPP
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Harold KNAPP - shared note

Known as Harry