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Jemima JONES's parents: John JONES ( - ) and Sarah UNKNOWN ( - )

Family of Enoch DARBY and Jemima JONES

Husband: Enoch DARBY (1831?- )
Wife: Jemima JONES (1832- )
Children: Eliza DARBY (1855?- )
Anna Maria DARBY (bef1859- )
William DARBY (1859- )
Milson DARBY (1860?-1884)
Frederick DARBY (1864?- )
Annis DARBY (1865- )
Henry DARBY (1867?- )
Thomas DARBY (1869- )
Emma Maria DARBY (1871- )
Sarah DARBY (bef1873-1874?)
Frank DARBY ( -1953?)
Marriage 7 Oct 1853 Newland, Forest of Dean

Husband: Enoch DARBY

Name: Enoch DARBY
Sex: Male
Father: William DARBY ( - )
Mother: Hannah WILLIAMS (1788- )
Birth 1831 (app)
Occupation Labourer

Wife: Jemima JONES

Name: Jemima JONES
Sex: Female
Father: John JONES ( - )
Mother: Sarah UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1832 Clearwell, near Coleford

Child 1: Eliza DARBY

Name: Eliza DARBY
Sex: Female
Birth 1855 (app)

Child 2: Anna Maria DARBY

Name: Anna Maria DARBY
Sex: Female
Birth bef 2 Mar 1859 Clearwell, near Coleford
Occupation Collier

Child 3: William DARBY

Name: William DARBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1859

Child 4: Milson DARBY

Name: Milson DARBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1860 (app)
Death 23 Nov 1884 (age 23-24)

Child 5: Frederick DARBY

Name: Frederick DARBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 (app)

Child 6: Annis DARBY

Name: Annis DARBY
Sex: Female
Spouse: John KEAR (1864- )
Birth 1865

Child 7: Henry DARBY

Name: Henry DARBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1867 (app)

Child 8: Thomas DARBY

Name: Thomas DARBY
Sex: Male
Birth 1869

Child 9: Emma Maria DARBY

Name: Emma Maria DARBY
Sex: Female
Spouse: William John HOWARD (1870- )
Birth 1871

Child 10: Sarah DARBY

Name: Sarah DARBY
Sex: Female
Birth bef 30 Dec 1873
Death 25 Mar 1874 (app) (age 0)

Child 11: Frank DARBY

      Frank DARBY, Frank Darby (Grandfather) headshot    
Name: Frank DARBY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Sara HURDLE (1882- )
Birth "1877 (app)" Clearwell, near Coleford
Occupation Freeminer, Iron Ore in Clearwell, Forest of Dean
Death 1953 (app)

Note on Marriage

Parish marriage record;



Record_ID: 12925

Entry_Number: 80

Year: 1853

Month: Oct

Day: 7

Grooms_Surname: DARBY

Grooms_Forenames: Enoch

Grooms_Age: 22

Groom_Condition: Bachelor

Grooms_Occupation: Labourer

Grooms_Residence: Clearwell

Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Derby

Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: William

Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Labourer

Brides_Surname: JONES

Brides_Forenames: Jemima

Brides_Age: 21

Brides_Condition: Spinster

Brides_Occupation: not stated

Brides_Residence: Clearwell

Brides_Fathers_Surname: Jones

Brides_Fathers_Forenames: John

Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Labourer

Licence_or_Banns: Banns


Signature_or_Mark: Both mark

Witness_1: Mark of William Lewis ?]

Witness_2: Harriet Derby?]


Officiating_Minister: John Hawksley Curate

Event: Marriage


Notes: Surname of groom confirmed from Marriage Register volume 11a page 61

Register_Reference: P227 IN 1/13

Page_Number: 40

Parish_Chapel: Newland

Soundex_Groom: D610

Soundex_Bride: J520

Note on Husband: Enoch DARBY (1)


Enoch Darby abt 1831 Hewersfield, Gloucestershire, England Head West Dean, Gloucestershire

Jemimah Darby abt 1833 Newland, Gloucestershire, England Wife West Dean, Gloucestershire

Eliza Darby abt 1855 Newland, Gloucestershire, England Daughter West Dean, Gloucestershire

William Darby abt 1859 West Dean, Gloucestershire, England Son West Dean, Gloucestershire

Milton Darby abt 1861 West Dean, Gloucestershire, England Son West Dean, Gloucestershire




Enoch Darby 39

Lemima Darby 38

Eliza Darby 16

William Darby 12

Milson Darby 10

Fredrick Darby 7

Anice Darby 6

Henry Darby 4

Thomas Darby 2

Emma M Darby 1 Month

Note on Husband: Enoch DARBY (2)

Freeminer record:



Record_Number: 1917

Forename: Enoch

Surname: DARBY

Calculated Year of Birth: 1829

Age: 48

Day: 12

Month: Jun

Year: 1877

Residence: Clearwell Meend

Remarks: Certificate of Baptism produced


Soundex: D610

Note on Husband: Enoch DARBY (3)

Parish Record of Baptism:



Record_ID: 31232

Entry_Number: 686

Year: 1829

Month: Jul

Day: 19

Parents_Surname: DARBY

Child_Forenames: Enoch

Fathers_Forenames: William

Mothers_Forenames: Hannah


Residence: Hewelsfield

Occupation: Labourer

Officiating_Minister: Y. Fosbroke Curate

Event: Baptism

Memoranda: 11

Notes: left margin

Register_Reference: P175 IN 1/4

Page_Number: 47

Parish_Chapel: Hewelsfield

Soundex: D610

Note on Wife: Jemima JONES

Parish baptism record:


Record_ID: 9213

Entry_Number: 1058

Year: 1833

Month: Jan

Day: 30

Parents_Surname: JONES

Child_Forenames: Jemima

Fathers_Forenames: John

Mothers_Forenames: Sarah


Residence: Clearwell

Occupation: Labourer

Officiating_Minister: Henry Poole Minister

Event: Baptism

Memoranda: Wedn[esda]y


Register_Reference: P93 IN 1/4

Page_Number: 96

Parish_Chapel: Coleford

Soundex: J520