The Larysz / Darby Family Tree




Table of Contents
The Family Tree Diagram in PDF format - All Relatives
The Family Diagram Tree in PDF Format Rooted on John Larysz - Larysz and Kirylow Lines
The Family Tree Diagram in PDF Format Rooted on Susan Darby - Darby Lines
The Family Tree Diagram in PDF Format Rooted on Sabina Szymczyk - Szymczyk Lines
The Family Tree Diagram in PDF Format Rooted on Nikki Sheikhali - Sheikhali Lines
Some individuals and their descendants have been cloaked or concealed at their request. Descendants of a concealed person will not appear in this genealogy.
What to do if you don't want to appear in this geanealogy.....
All you have to do is send an email to me at jlarysz@softwareandgeneral.com. You can request to be "concealed" or "cloaked" - these terms are explained below. Please make a request ONLY for yourself, a person that you have guardianship of, or another adult that connects only to you in this genealogy. Acting on a request may take some time - there isn't a staff here waiting to take your call.
If you choose to 'cloak' your entry then all that will appear in the genealogy is your name, lineage and descendants. The information about parents and offspring will be complete - only yours will be cloaked. Cloaking covers all information except your name, including images.
If you choose to 'conceal' your entry then there are two ways the genealogy will react. If you don't have a partner your record will just dissapear, along with all your descendants. If you do have a partner, your record will disappear but your partner's and that person's descendants will remain. If you have descendants for which no partner record exists then they will disappear too.
And now, what if you want to reappear.......?
You can email me, but what happens will depend on the circumstances. If the request affects just you then it's straight forward - you can come back. If your record is buried in a sub-tree that has been concealed by a parent or grandparent then I'm not sure what to do. This hasn't happened yet.